Package TourMyanmarEco-Tours: Shan Trek: Kalaw to Inle - 3 Days / 2 Nights
Kalaw - Shar Pin - Nan The’ Le Te - Htun Kom - Htee Thein - In Dein (OR) Than Daung

Emerging from a three day trek onto the banks of Inle Lake is an undeniably rewarding experience; however it is the journey that is the true reward. Walking from village to village through spectacular highland scenery, you'll be presented with stunning views and exceptional cultural encounters. With lightly undulating hills and a relaxed pace of travel, even less experienced trekkers will easily be able to enjoy the wonder of the Shan State on this Myanmar tour package.

Your Myanmar tour commences in Kalaw, a small town perched on the western edge of the Shan Plateau that is surrounded by lush hills ideal for hiking. As soon as you step away from town and reach the top of the first hill of the day, the beauty of the Shan State is revealed. Seeing the spectacular views of the lowlands and distant rolling hills for the first time is sure to take your breath away.

Over the next two days, the trekking averages four hours a day and passes through a variety of sceneries. The gently undulating terrain is dotted with villages and farms, giving you a feel for the rural lifestyle typical of the Shan State's inhabitants. While passing through the area you are likely to encounter farmers and buffalos at work in the fields, meet children playing in village streams and see rural monasteries where red-robed monks are studying.

To further immerse you in the local cultures, we have incorporated two overnight village stays into this Myanmar tour package. The route passes through villages of the Pa-O, Pa-long, Taungyo and Danu hilltribes and staying with these families or in the local monastery you will have unmatched opportunities to experience the cultures and traditions of these people.

After a gentle morning walk on the third day, you'll reach your destination: Inle Lake. Relax and enjoy the beauty of this massive lake with a boat cruise to see the villages and tranquil pagodas set upon stilts over the water. A well-deserved reward and a perfect end to your active Myanmar tour.

Add an unforgettable adventure to your Myanmar tour with this superb soft-trekking itinerary. For nature lovers with a keen interest in local cultures, this Myanmar tour Shan State trek is the perfect alternative to the drive between Kalaw and Inle.

Day 1 - Kalaw - Shar Pin - Nan The’ Le Te (L,D)
Head for the hills! Start your trek this morning after breakfast, heading through several villages where you will meet friendly locals and observe their traditional lifestyles. The scenery varies as you pass over peaks and down through valleys. Late this afternoon, reach a picturesque village of the Pa-O people where you'll have dinner and enjoy a local homestay. (Trekking Time: 4 hours)

Overnight at Nan The' Le Te village.

Day 2 - Nan The’ Le Te - Htun Kom - Htee Thein (B,L,D)
With an early morning walk around the village you'll see the farmers hard at work as they plant or harvest wheat, ginger and a variety of other crops. Then resume your trek, making your way to Kon Hla village in time for lunch followed by a short afternoon walk to Htee Thein. The walk today offers great views of the Shan Mountain Range and you'll reach your overnight homestay in plenty of time to explore the village. (Trekking Time: 4 hours)

Overnight at Htee Thein village.

Day 3 - Htee Thein - In Dein (OR) Than Daung (B,L)
The final day of trekking is mostly downhill and takes you to Inle Lake. Depending on the day, you will trek three hours to Indein or four hours to Than Daung to see the floating market. After three days of trekking, you'll arrive on the lake shores and enjoy a relaxing boat trip along the waters, stopping for lunch in a stilted restaurant, before continuing to your hotel for check in. (Trekking Time: 4 hours)