Package TourLaosExtension Tours: Kalimantan: Tribes and Villages - 6 Days / 5 Nights
Balikpapan - Loajanan - Mahakam River - Muara Muntai - Mancong - Tanjung Isuy - Minta Village - Melak - Eheng - Kersik Luway - Lekak Kidau - Tenggarong - Loajanan - Balikpapan

Wild, exotic and relatively unexplored, this Indonesia tour through Kalimantan is a window into ancient traditions and spectacular landscapes of the region. Spending four nights on a house boat, you'll reach remote parts of the Mahakam River where few tourists venture.

Your Kalimantan: Tribes and Villages Indonesia tour kicks off at the town of Loajanan where you'll board a houseboat, a spacious multi-level boat will serve as your base on the water. Travelling by water you'll have access to areas of central and southern Kalimantan that are inaccessible by road.

While cruising along the Mahakam River, this Indonesia tour takes you through rich wetlands filled with exotic animals living in their natural habitats. Keep your eyes peeled for proboscis monkeys, giant lizards, macaques and unusual species of kingfishers as you wind your way through the river and its tributaries.

Several shore excursions will take you to tribal villages and riverside markets. Bring your camera along to capture images of these unusual places, where ancient traditions and ways of life remain unchanged. You'll meet the Dayak people, known for their intricate tattoos and large earrings, and the Kutai people, who still rely on the land and rivers for all of their daily needs.

A highlight of your Indonesia tour is likely to be an overnight in a tribal longhouse. The Tanjung Isuy will welcome you into their village, teach you about their customs and culture and host you for an evening in their traditional-style houses. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the local lifestyles than with this overnight excursion.

Having discovered the wild side of Kalimantan, you'll return to Balikpapan from where you can continue your Indonesia tour package by flying to Sulawesi, Bali or Java.

Day 1 - Balikpapan - Loajanan - Mahakam River (D)
Your exploration of Kalimantan begins with a trip to the Mahakam River in the eastern part of the island. Board a wooden house boat, your base for the next five days, and set off on an overnight cruise. Relax as you pass through the tranquil river scenery and travel into the heart of Kalimantan.

Overnight onboard a houseboat, Mahakam River.

Day 2 - Mahakam River - Muara Muntai - Mancong - Tanjung Isuy (B,L,D)
An incredible day of exploring awaits along the Mahakam River. You'll visit several riverside villages and local markets and criss-cross waterways where you're likely to spot exotic wildlife such as proboscis monkeys, macaques and lizards. Reach Mancong Village this afternoon and spend the evening in a longhouse of the Tanjung Isuy people.

Overnight in a longhouse, Tanjung Isuy.

Day 3 - Tanjung Isuy – Minta Village – Melak (B,L,D)
Say goodbye to your host family and reboard your boat for the cruise downstream to Melak. During the cruise, the boat will stop at Minta Village where you will observe the way of life of the Kutai people and observe the process of making brown sugar.

Overnight onboard a houseboat, Mahakam River.

Day 4 - Melak - Eheng - Kersik Luway (B,L,D)
Take an overland excursion this morning to the Eheng Village, home to the Dayak Tribes. Located deep in the rainforest jungle, you'll discover a way of life untouched by time where the village elders mark their status by intricate body tattoos and enormous earrings. Learn about their traditions, visit their long houses and explore the surrounding woods which are extremely diverse in their flora and fauna before returning to the boat to continue your cruise

Overnight onboard a houseboat, Mahakam River.

Day 5 - Lekak Kidau - Tenggarong - Loajanan - Balikpapan (B,L,D)
After a morning tour of Lekak Kidau village, home to the Dayak Kenyah Tribe, continue downriver to Tenggarong where you'll visit the former Sultan's palace. The final stretch of your river journey takes you to Loa Janan to continue by road to Balikpapan for your overnight stay.

Overnight in Balikpapan.

Day 6 - Balikpapan - Departure (B)
This morning is free at your leisure until it is time to transfer to the airport for your departure fligh