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Kep Mailibu Estates Bungalows
Malibu Bungalows in Cambodia is surrounded by a stunning tropical garden situated between the lush jungle mountains and the sea. Our rooms are spacious (about 34m˛) and furnished in a brand new Khmer (Cambodia) interior style.You will find all of the amenities you need to have a great and quiet stay in Kep.
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Knai Bang Chatt
KBC exclusive seaside resort can be discovered in the enchanting coastal town of Kep, on the southwest coast of Cambodia. Located just 24km southeast of the charming provincial town of Kampot and 30km from the border with Vietnam, Knai Bang Chatt is approximately 175km and just over two hours by road from the Phnom Penh airport.

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Veranda Natural Resort
Welcome to Veranda Natural Resort!
HIDDEN below Kep National Park overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam Island and Bokor Mountain, you find a retreat dedicated to the finer things in life: beauty, tranquility and great food. Here, just a few hours from Phnom Penh airport you feel light years away from the crowds, ready to experience the true Kep in its entire splendor., the retreat presents a unique concept with raised wooden walkways made of stones, woods and connected true all priv
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